Fire Safety Train the Trainer Courses

Training Programme

Prevent costly fire damage and reduce training expenses with this train the trainer course which teaches delegates not only an essential knowledge of fire safety but also the skills required to teach their newfound understanding to other staff in-house. The session explores the causes, prevention and properties of different types of fires, when they should be tackled, and the correct extinguishers to use when doing so. Delegates will also learn training conventions and strategies so as to deliver effective sessions.

Main Topics

  • Introduction to fire safety.
  • Categories and properties of fires.
  • Identifying and reducing risks.
  • Physical and psychological effects of fire.
  • Meeting legal guidelines and legislation.
  • Implementing workplace safety practices.
  • What to do when a fire occurs – alarms, evacuation and assembly.
  • Extinguisher essentials – colour codes and different types.
  • Engaging the audience.
  • Teaching conventions and strategies.
  • Giving effective appraisal.
  • Receiving feedback from delegates.
  • Good and bad practice.


A certificate will be awarded upon completion of this 2-day course, which will enable delegates to deliver their new fire safety understanding to other members of staff in-house.


Our trainers and 300+ centres are situated at locations nationwide, so we can guarantee to find a location local to you, or deliver to your venue. The training date is also down to you, with our resources giving us the flexibility to book you in at the best date and time for you!

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